5 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Before you make the deposit and sign on the dotted line here are my Top 5 questions you should ask your potential photographer. These questions should ensure that you find the right photographer that will give you the look and provide the service you want.

Questions 1: What is your style – Contemporary, Modern, Classic, Artistic, Lifestyle, a mix?

You can usually find a photographer that’s a mix of different styles, but you’ll want to make sure they shoot portraits, for example, if that’s important to you. I know some photographers that are great at catching those candid moments of the day, but when they take portraits they don’t come out as great as the candid’s.

Questions 2: What do they offer in their packages?

This is good to ask so you can compare prices, albums, and proofs, number coverage hours, as well as extra coverage such as engagement shoots, are covered. Those items can alter the costs significantly. For example, if the album isn’t included, that’s okay because you can make your own if you want.

Questions 3: Will the main photographer bring an assistant?

This is great when a photographer brings an assistant, especially for the sake of time. A second shooter can cover more ground and give two perspectives of the day. Between the two they can split the shoot of the wedding. For example, one can take the bridal party portraits, while the other is getting shots of the ceremony and reception before guests arrive, guest’s arrivals and other little moments of the day. But know in some instances that might come at an extra cost to your package.

Questions 4: How many pictures can you expect to receive?

If you hire a photographer for 8 hours of service, they should be taking 80-100 pictures per hour. If the photographer gives you only 350 pictures from an 8-hour wedding, you should be asking where the rest of your pictures or ask them what were they doing?

Questions 5: How long does it take to receive the photographs?

Most photographers will take 2-4 months to return the photographs after edits and enhancements. Depending on that and the photographer’s workload can determine how soon you can expect them. I’ve had photographers return photographs in 4 weeks, it just depends on who you’re working with. When you sign your contract, please pay attention to that! Most photographers will give to some previews days after.


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