You Got the Ring.. Now What?!



Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! I know over the holidays I saw A LOT of engagement announcements on Facebook and Instagram. After sharing your engagement with your family and friends there are a few things you should do to start the planning. Here are my suggestions on the three things you should do first!

1. Pick a date….
The day you first met, your first date, your first kiss… all significant days in a relationship that could be your wedding date. Consider the time of year. This will be a consideration for determining the style of your wedding. Lastly, the biggest decision factor… price! The month and day of the week play a factor in that.

I will discuss this more in detail in another post, so stay tuned! 😉

*Number 2 and 3 can be interchangeable*

2. Pick a Venue….
When picking a venue, find a location that has your date available, fits your theme/style and guest count but most importantly your budget.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner
Hiring your wedding planner is an investment! You are hiring someone to provide professional expertise and guidance on planning your day. Be sure that your planner is someone that understands your visions and gets you. Make sure you mesh well with your planner. Remember you will be working with the person for a year and you want to make sure you at least like them.

Now that you’ve done these things, the real fun can begin! Enjoy this journey, don’t let it overwhelm you. Remember the major objective… marrying your soulmate.

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