Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator?


This is a question I get asked a lot when meeting with potential clients. I answer by saying two simple words, “reassurance and peace-of-mind”. Reassurance in you will have a professional directing your day, working with vendors and “putting out fires” so you can have the peace-of-mind to focus on the most important thing of the day, getting married! But some of you may be saying, ” I want to plan my own wedding so I don’t need a wedding planner.” In this case, I still recommend hiring a wedding coordinator for the day of coordination. Like I said, you need a professional to direct the day not a family member or friend. Why burden your family member or friend with such an important task? Let them be a guest and enjoying the wonderful day you have been planning. Also, venue coordinator is not a substitute for a wedding planner. I have met some brides that think just because the venue has a coordinator they don’t need a wedding planner. Although a venue coordinator is great and extremely helpful (especially to the wedding planner), outside of the needs of the venue they are limited to assisting you with planning the other details for the day. So with all that being said, here are my Top 5 Reasons to Hire  a Wedding Planner:

5. Saves money – Weddings can be expensive. However, by hiring a wedding planner you can save a great deal of money. We select and work with vendors to provide you the best prices and discounts. We also keep you on track by making sure you stay on budget.

4. Professional advice – We are experts in planning weddings, we know what works and what doesn’t. We also recommend competent vendors based on our relationship with them and reputation.

3. Save time – Planning a wedding takes enormous amount of time. The average wedding requires about 200 hours or more of planning. Instead, you trying to incorporate an extra 200 hours of planning into your already hectic schedule, we take that off your plate! We spend the time researching vendors, coming up with various creative ideas to make your wedding amazing, and taking care of the many, many details.

2. Realize your vision – We work for you and ensure that all your desires are met (and often surpassed)!

1. Peace of mind & Reassurance – Hiring a wedding planner ensures that you will have a worry – free and stress – free day, thus allowing you to enjoy your day like your guests!

Have a “go to person” – Dealing with the multiple vendors, your entire bridal party, and guests, that is a lot of people with questions and concerns! If you hire a wedding planner you can simply say, “talk to the wedding planner!”

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