Color Palette: Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme

Picking a color scheme for your wedding is just as important as selecting a location. Just picking your favorite colors isn’t always the best choices for the color scheme. There are things you should consider when picking a color scheme:

The Season – Consider the season you plan to wed. Use the season to inspire your color selections. The season can also determine your type of wardrobe for the wedding party. Rosy pink is perfect for spring, while a brighter coral is a summer staple. For fall, a rich fuchsia pairs well with other jewel tones, and blush and silver are a pretty wintry combo.

2015-07-3--16-37-57Photo Credit: The Bride Link and What Com Flowers

Location, Location, Location – Look at your venue or location of your wedding. Think about what colors you would like to use and see if they would work with the venue.


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Set the Atmosphere – Your colors can create the vibe for your wedding day. You want drama, go dark like ruby red, black or emerald. Consider your style and atmosphere for the day, laid back or nostalgic.


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Remember Your Vision – If you have a certain color in mind don’t forget it. There are ways to incorporate any color. It might not be the exact shade but definitely in the family.

Happy Wedd

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Check the Wheel – If you’re unsure of the colors you selected consult a color wheel. There are tons of apps for iPhone, Ipad or Android that you can use or even play with


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